because the sun is boiling: summer recap

September 14, 2016

this will be quick. i’m stating things for the sake of my own memory.
and it will also be a lot easier at the end of the year to look back on.

MAY | bookcon, school ends
bookcon was a thing. i went there. i met-up with my best friends.
school ended. now, that sounds great. but now i’m faced the terrible inevitability of high school.

JUNE | starts drawing again, philippines trip, date
i took up drawing again. i committed artist suicide years ago. i am reborn.
i went to the philippines. my family’s home. it was hot.


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hi lucid and hypnosis

August 14, 2016

i got fake plants. as you can see.

here’s a written thing of what happened.

the buying

school’s coming up, yeah? so naturally, i had to go school supplies shopping. and i ended up buying some markers and colored pencils. bless my mother’s soul for allowing me to buy them.

my mom had to go clothes shopping so we went to tjmaxx. she goes to the clothing aisles, i go to the miscellaneous aisles where you would find pots, pans, journals– they are fantastic btw– pillows, blankets, etc.

and that was when i saw them. and i was like: “HOLY I WANT LET ME SEE THEM.” and there were so many cute ones. there was a bunch of them in a small, ceramic, white basket and awh. they were the most precious things i have ever seen.

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REVIEW: carry on by rainbow rowell

May 31, 2016

Carry On BY Rainbow Rowell
published on October 6th, 2015 by st. martin’s griffin

rating: 4.6 out of 5

Carry On was beautiful. Albeit another version of HARRY POTTER, but I love it more; I’m not that big of a HARRY POTTER fan. But it was beautiful. Dear Lord and all that is holy, that book was beautiful. Though it was meta. Very.


Carry On was a simple kind of story but had its intricate moments. The plot was simple, but it had some things that were needed to piece together. The characters had some sort of depth to them and had some self-discovery along the way. A little flat, but this is a standalone. I’m not over that fact yet. The writing as always casts it’s own magic, magic stronger than the novel itself.

Although a rip-off, Carry On can stand on it’s own very firm feet, as I adore it more than Harry Potter.

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